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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking your website on the top of Google’s Or Search Engine’s Unpaid Result Page ( SERP ). It is the best choice for any business to rank naturally. SEO is a long process which takes time and patience but is a long term investment. If you compare SEO with Adwords,it is definitely the first choice for businesses as SEO keeps on driving traffic for a sustainable period of time. While Adwords drives traffic till the time money is exhausted.

SEO Service in Nashville by Bridge City Interactive

Bridge City Interactive is a a leading SEO company in Nashville with years of experience in ranking websites for various businesses. Our team consists of professionals who understand SEO and it’s methods. With SEO, you need to take care of many verticals like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, semantics, Schema, Reputation check, Page Rank and much more. Our professionals know all of these in and out.

There are many factors that calculate towards your SEO ranking. It is really important for any website to have all these factors implemented in a perfect measure. All of these comes with years of experience and 100s of SEO projects.

Our process to rank you on Page 1 of Google ?

Bridge City Interactive, a Nashville based SEO Marketing company will help you rank your company to first page of Google using White hat methods only. We conduct a series of activities like trending keyword research, competition analysis , high volume low competition keyword targeting

Apart from just keyword research, we make sure that we follow the latest changes in Google’s search algorithm. Keeping a track of these may be difficult for you .So, it is always the best idea to hire an SEO specialist like us. We make sure that we adapt your SEO campaign to match all the updates like Panda & Penguin that Google rolls out from time to time

We understand how difficult it gets for you to develop your business online as we were also in the same position some time. But we are here to work for you and achieve your online goals. All of that at very affordable pricing. We are not an oversized firm that will charge you a massive fee every month, but walk with you through the lows and highs of your online business.

Things we take care of while doing SEO



SEO is not just about ranking your website on Google. Your rankings lasts long if you’ve a functional website with a good user experience . We make sure that your website is not just good looking but also functional and improve the overall quality of your website by fixing a variety of things like poor text / background contrast ratio, navigation , broken links and much more. We have a fleet of expert developers who work closely with our SEO experts to implement the best technical improvements. This is a rare find in any SEO company



While doing SEO, it’s all about applying the strategies smartly. There are over 200 things that help you rank your website. We definitely cannot take care of 200 factors and perfect each one of them. We try our best to distribute our efforts smartly on each of these strategies. Content being one of the important factors. We have in house content writers that can write some amazingly original content for your business.



SEO is not just about ranking your site on the SERPS. There are various different avenues that can be explored. We target multiple avenues like Local search , Google Maps ranking, Youtube ranking , Videos, Images, Knowledge graph and much more. Google is a mixture of all these combined together and we try our best to optimise your website and business to rank on each of these. All of these factors combined together lead towards the success of your business online

What you can expect through our SEO Services



With our Nashville SEO experts working on your website, you can definitely expect a spike in your traffic. We do not guarantee an exponential growth, but a gradual one is definitely guaranteed. More importantly , it is important for us to set real expectations that can be achieved. We do not believe in over quoting something beyond our capabilities. We commit to the achievable traffic goals and estimate the growth after thorough analysis through our years of experience.



Through our SEO services, you can expect a more targeted audience to visit your website. It is better to have a low but a targeted traffic. We sit down with you and understand the audience you wish to transact your business with. You can let us know if you wish to target B2B or B2C businesses or just serve to audience specific to certain geographical location ( even known as Local SEO ). With Targeted Audience, you have chances to achieve better conversions,



We can help you optimize your website to exact match URLs by setting up content and pages for specific products or services. For e.g., you wish to promote iPhone screen repair in nashville, we can help you do this by creating specific page with an URL “iphone-screen-repair-nashville”. All of this will help you achieve the most optimized & targeted ranking.

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